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At Sangaree Animal Hospital, we’re proud to provide the full range of veterinary needs to our clients and their pets. Whether you just need a dependable place for routine exams and wellness checkups or have a pet with special medical needs, we would love to provide you the level of expert and compassionate care you’ll only find at Sangaree Animal Hospital.

Preventative Care

Yearly exams allow us to assess your pet’s overall health and administer any routine services such as vaccines. Such measures help protect your friend from preventable diseases! These check-ups also provide an opportunity to detect illness early on, which can mean a more efficient and speedy treatment.

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Diagnostic Care

Is your pet experiencing illness, discomfort, an injury, or simply not acting normally? Our diagnostic expertise will help identify the problem, discover its root cause, and provide a treatment plan designed to help your pet, while minimizing pain and discomfort along the way.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Surgical procedures for pets can range from the routine (spay/neuter procedures) to the lifesaving (emergency removal of foreign objects). Whether a surgery is straightforward or advanced, you want to entrust your pet’s safety to true veterinary experts with years of experience in veterinary surgery—and that’s what you’ll find at Sangaree Animal Hospital.

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Pet Dental Services

Neglecting your pet’s dental health is a big mistake as serious, seemingly unrelated problems can originate through that avenue. Let Sangaree Animal Hospital help keep and maintain your pet's best oral health.

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Specialist Services

Sangaree Animal Hospital partners with board-certified specialists in anesthesiology and radiology, enabling us to offer these services for your pets right in house.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Caring for a new puppy or kitten requires special attention, vaccinations, and the right veterinary partner to set them on the path to a happy and healthy life. Trust Sangaree Animal Hospital with the care of your brand-new best friend.

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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets have special needs that younger pets do not, and that’s why giving them the right veterinary care and health support is so important. We’re proud to be experts in senior pet care, from preventative measures to managing pain that comes from age-related chronic illness so your pet can enjoy senior life!

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